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and welcome to our Website.

Our goal is to provide both intranet & internet applications customized and tailed to your specific business requirements.

Your tailed application can include Knowledge Management databases, search engines, windows type file navigation menus, domain name and server hosting at a cost you wouldn't find anyway else.

Dougal is the name of our West Highland Terrier. Like most dogs when there are puppies, he loves to play with anything that he can get his paws on. That's how I got started in web design & development.

I enrolled on several Learning Tree Web Development Courses and became a Web Development & JavaScript Applications Certified Professional. With these certifications I can now offer you the very best in web development.

The type of web designs that can build is very much dependant on your requirements. I have to date built a company intranet site with five sub web for each of the main product lines. One of theses sub webs holds around 27,000 Adobe (PDF) and HTML web style technical manuals. All the other sub webs are based around Knowledge Management for each product. Also with a powerful search engine (System Selector) to find the information (Tech Data Manuals) that much quicker. I developed DDE for the TDM's to an SQL database to ease the creation of the technical data manuals.

I have also designed other webs, one of which is for a youth operetta group which was created in MS Power Point, and another one for a welding fabrication company. To view these and other sites please view my Portfolio.

Please feel free to browse our site and contact us should you have any enquires about your web development.

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